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Tuff-Built® “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth Speaker

The European Audio engineered Tuff-Built® “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth® Speaker ensures that users have the Best Stereo listening experience possible.

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Tuff-Built® “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth Speaker Features

Easy Listening Anywhere! – Laptop has Richer Sounds
Conference Calls are Better Understood – Make Your Car a Bluetooth
Best Quality at More Than Half the Bose Price!
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Small Speakers, Big Sound – The Making of Tuff-Built® “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth® Speakers

Make Heads Turn with Tuff-Built’s Compact Bluetooth Speakers

Tuff-Built® “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth® Speaker Improves on Bluetooth Technology


“Now that is Rich Sound!”

“Amazing Sound!”

“This is the best Bluetooth speaker I ever used…”


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